Tim Cook Changes His Twitter Name to Tim Apple

Yesterday, President Donald Trump mistakenly referred to Apple CEO Tim Cook as ‘Tim Apple’. What blunder was even more hilarious because Cook was seated directly next to the President at the time.

Now, Apple’s CEO has responded with most likely the ultimate response, by changing his Twitter name to ‘Tim Apple’ instead of Tim Cook. The CEO cleverly replaced his last name with the Apple logo, which you can see on iOS or an Apple device only.

Check out the change below:

Tim cook tim apple twitter

For Apple fans aware of Trump’s mistake, this is a funny response by Cook, which probably won’t get noticed by those unaware of the President’s mistake.

While the news of Trump calling the Apple CEO ‘Tim Apple’ has made headlines, the White House didn’t exactly see it that way.

Below is what the rest of Apple’s executive team could be called if they follow suit here…

Cook was at the White House after attending an American Workforce Policy Advisory Board meeting, which afterwards saw Trump accidentally refer to the CEO as ‘Tim Apple’.