New ‘Screen Sharing’ Feature Coming Soon to Skype for iOS

Spotted in a new Microsoft Skype Insider build, a new screen sharing feature for displaying what’s happening on your side of the call, is coming soon to Skype for iOS and Android, CNET is reporting.

“Microsoft’s messaging app Skype looks like it’s getting another friendly face in an upcoming version — yours! A split-screen feature appeared in a beta build of the app (the Skype Insider program), so you’ll likely see it in an upcoming release.”

The source notes that the upcoming split-screen feature will allow Skype users to show documents without having to send them before discussing. Similarly, it could be used for collaboratively shopping for clothes, movie viewing or just about sharing anything that’s on your phone.


The feature also allows users to record the sessions, meaning any notifications that pop up on the screen will be recorded as well. So keep that in mind should you do decide to share your iPhone’s screen with a friend or family during a Skype call.

It is not yet known exactly when the feature will be rolled out to the public.