Uber Eats Promo Codes are Here for the Toronto Raptors Playoff Run [u]

Uber eats raptors playoffs

Uber Eats has announced special promo codes will be coming for the Toronto Raptors playoff run towards an NBA championship.

Each playoff round will unlock promo codes based on the Raptors’ achievements. For round one, which kicked off tonight, Uber Eats says if the team dishes out 25 or more assists, a 25% off Uber Eats promo code (up to a maximum of $5 off) will be made available for your order the next day (8AM ET to 11:59 ET).

To redeem each offer, enter the promo code provided in the ‘Promotions’ tab within the Uber Eats app, or at checkout, according to the company in an email to iPhone in Canada.

Throughout the first round of the Raptors’ playoff series, for all orders $20 or more, free delivery will be available, “all playoff season long from April 13 through June 30.”

The promos mentioned above are only available for Uber Eats customers in Ontario. The Uber Eats app is the official meal delivery app for Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment (MLSE) prosperities, which includes the Toronto Raptors.

For those outside of Ontario, the Uber Eats app is promoting code PLAYOFFSDELIVERY to get free delivery on all orders of $20 or more, through April 28.

The Raptors lost a close game today to the Magic, down to the final seconds. Let’s hope they fare better in game two.

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Update April 16, 2019: Uber Eats followed up with iPhone in Canada to say their original details of this launch were incorrect. Free delivery is only during the first round of the Raptors’ playoff series. This article has been updated accordingly.