Amazon: Canadian Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Topped $900 Million in Online Sales for 2018

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Amazon Canada has announced Canadians small and medium-sized businesses hit a new record when it came to online sales in 2018.

The online retailer said, “Over 30,000 Canadian small and medium-sized businesses collectively exceeded over $900 million in sales on Amazon Canada’s online stores in 2018,” to go with a 30% jump in year-over-year sales during the busy November-December holiday period.

As for overseas sales, these same Canadian businesses hit over $2 billion in sales to Amazon customers abroad last year.

The most popular categories for products sold by these small and medium-sized businesses last year were PCs, Automotive, Home, Electronics and Home Entertainment.

“Small and medium-sized businesses are the engine of the Canadian economy, and Amazon’s customer obsession empowers entrepreneurs to reach new markets, reduce overhead, and access sophisticated online selling tools,” said Alexandre Gagnon, Vice-President for Amazon Canada and Mexico, in an issued statement.

Companies such as GoWood in Quebec, said Amazon helped their sales “grow tenfold since 2016,” while coffee company Café Liégeois said Amazon allowed them to “expand our customer base by 51% across North America in just six months.”

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