Tbaytel Signs New 20-Year Wireless Partnership with Rogers

Tbaytel rogers

Tbaytel, which services Thunder Bay, Ontario, has announced it has signed new 20-year wireless agreement with Rogers.

Both companies originally had inked a 10-year deal in 2010, but after nine years into the existing deal, Tbaytel and Rogers agreed to quietly sign for another 20 years together, with no public announcement of the extended relationship.

The agreement details were not disclosed, with Tbaytel CEO Dan Topatigh informing Tbnewswatch, “We have disclosure limitations.”

“I think both parties realized that there were some aspects of the agreement that would benefit from reopening it and extending it for a longer term. It allows for the advancement of technology as that continues to change. And in the wireless side of the business, it moves at a very quick pace,” Topatigh added.

Tbaytel said Rogers was beneficial because it allowed the company to add scale, in particular offering international and North American roaming to wireless customers.

The agreement benefits Rogers customers, as they get access to Tbaytel’s wireless network, which spans 300,000 square kilometres of northern Ontario.

“It’s a more capital-efficient way of doing business for both companies,” Topatigh said in an interview with Tbnewswatch.

Tbaytel’s annual report for 2018, released yesterday, saw $193 million in revenue, a $2 million increase compared to 2017.