Fido’s Upcoming $10 Service Fee on May 14 Called “Scam” by Customers

Fido is set to launch a new $10 service fee when customers call in for service on select account transactions, with the new charge set to kick in on May 14, 2019.

For Fido customers calling in to ask to make a payment, update contact info or payment method, or reset a voicemail password, a new $10 charge will be billed. Fido wants customers to perform these transactions online instead, for free.

According to Fido user Paul Doroshenko from Vancouver, he told CBC News “it’s a scam”, referring to the new $10 service charge.

“They’re making so much money on me every month … and then they want to charge $10 for a simple service call?” said Doroshenko.

According to Rogers, they responded to CBC News by saying “As more Canadians choose self-serve options to manage their day-to-day needs, we’re continually investing in digital services to give customers more control,” said spokesperson Bill Killorn. Most Fido customers are already managing their accounts online, according to the company.

Rogers’ chatr charges a $5 fee for similar transactions, while earlier this month, Bell and Virgin Mobile implemented a $10 fee for rate plan changes within a billing cycle. Telus flanker brand Koodo also charges a $10 fee for select account changes over the phone.

CBC News says the CRTC sent a letter to wireless carriers in April, voicing their concern over charging a service fee to perform account transactions, saying it may not be following the Wireless Code of Conduct.

The ‘Big 3’ told CBC News their service fees follow the Wireless Code of Conduct. They said their service fees can be waived for select groups, such as those with special needs.

John Lawford, executive director of the Public Interest Advocacy Centre, believes the CRTC is stepping in only because people have been complaining about the fees. “It should be a cost of doing business,” said Lawford, referring to the extra charges.