2016 MacBook Pro Flaw: Loud Popping Sound Keeps Happening

2019 macbook pro touch bar

Apple launched new MacBook Pro models back in 2016, introducing the world to the Touch Bar for the first time. While this model has held up well over the years, there’s one reoccurring problem which is extremely annoying—a random popping sound when you open the lid.

The sound appears to be isolated near the hinge part of this aluminum MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and happens when opening the lid when the computer has been cooled and in standby.

While the popping sound does not affect the functionality of the MacBook Pro, it is startling because it is quite loud and sounds like your MacBook has cracked under some sort of pressure.

There are lots of videos on YouTube demonstrating this MacBook Pro issue. Check out one below:

YouTube video

There’s an Apple Communities thread spanning 55 pages, with consumers still complaining about the issue to this very day. Apple customers have vented about the issue and have noted nothing has been done by the company to address this problem, which is annoying to have when you spend nearly $3,000 on a MacBook Pro.

Further complaints online have stated the popping sound is not isolated to 2016 MacBook Pro models, but also 2017 and 2018 years as well. S

Some have been able to get the issue fixed under warranty, with the following parts replaced on one user’s mid-2017 15-inch model, which apparently fixed the issue:

  • Logic board (symptom: sensors test failed)
  • Display assembly silver (symptom: built-in audio device problem)

“Since I got it back, the MacBook Pro runs a LOT cooler than it did before, the fans seldom come on, and the random heat-related popping has stopped altogether,” according to user Oso Grande.

Are you hearing popping sounds from your 2016 or newer MacBook Pro?

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