You Can Now Use Android Phones to Verify Google Sign-Ins on iPhone, iPad

Android security keys iphone

Google has announced its Android phone security technology can now be used to verify sign-ins on your iPhone and iPad, as detailed on the company’s security blog:

This technology can be used to verify your sign-in to Google and Google Cloud services on Bluetooth-enabled Chrome OS, macOS, and Windows 10 devices. Starting today, you can use your Android phone to verify your sign-in on Apple iPads and iPhones as well.

To get started, you’ll need to have your personal or work Google Account on your Android device running 7.0 or higher and enrolled in 2-Step Verification (2SV). From the web 2SV settings page, you’ll need to “Add security key”, then choose your Android phone from the list of devices.

To use your Android security key, ensure both devices have Bluetooth enabled. On your iPhone or iPad running iOS 10 or higher, sign into your Google Account with the Google Smart Lock iOS app. Your Android phone will show a notification and then you’ll follow the instructions to confirm your sign-in.

“Within enterprise organizations, admins can require the use of security keys for their users in G Suite and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), letting them choose between using a physical security key, an Android phone, or both,” writes Google.

Google also suggests registering a backup hardware security key for your account, in case you lose your Android device.

[via TechCrunch]

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