Apple Reportedly Working on Foldable Device for 2021: UBS

While popular smartphone makers like Samsung and Huawei are among the first to launch foldable smartphones, it looks like Apple fans might have to wait until 2021 to get their hands on a bendable iPhone or iPad.

According to a new report from CNBC, a team of analysts at UBS believe Apple could launch a foldable iOS device by 2021 based on an analysis of the iPhone maker’s intellectual property filings. But it might not be an iPhone, as the analysts suggest that a foldable tablet may come first.

“We believe a product (iPad most likely before iPhone) could still come next year, but 2021 is more likely,” the report says.

While UBS believes consumers are excited for a foldable iPhone, they also believe that cost is a major hurdle. Apple consumers are allegedly willing to pay $600 USD more of a premium, UBS said, but the cost of a foldable iPhone could be much higher than something like the iPhone XS, which starts at $1,379 CAD.

Samsung, one of Apple’s largest rivals, attempted to launch the Galaxy Fold earlier this year but encountered quality assurance issues with the display. When the device was scheduled to launch in April, it retailed for $1,980 USD — much higher than your average smartphone.

If Apple is indeed working on a foldable device, one can bet the Cupertino company won’t release anything until it’s absolutely sure the product is ready. Whether that’s in 2021 or later remains to be seen.