Fido Launches Data Overage Protection Feature; Extra Data Now $15/1GB on New Plans

Fido data overage protection

Rogers flanker brand Fido has announced a new feature called Data Overage Protection, which it says will be included on new Data, Talk and Text plans starting August 7, 2019.

“Data Overage Protection lets customers manage their data use and spend automatically by pausing data once they reach their limit,” explains Fido, noting customers will get SMS texts when their data limits hit 90% and 100%, then is paused once exhausted.

Extra data can be purchased at $15/1GB from a customer’s smartphone. This extra data will send SMS notifications when you’ve used 70% and 100% of data. For plans prior to Data Overage Protection, data overages are billed at $10/100MB, or $100/1GB.

Fido’s website is showing the following plans with Data Overage Protection (they include current 2GB data bonuses). These plans include unlimited Canada-wide calling and global text (500 minutes is available for $5 less per month):

  • $55/4GB
  • $65/7GB
  • $75/10GB

“We know that data overage fees are a major concern for some customers, and that many hold back from using the full data included in their plans,” said Nancy Audette, Vice President, Fido, in an issued statement. “With Data Overage Protection, our customers can get the most out of their wireless plans and enjoy their services worry-free with no surprise charges.”