Apple Music for Artists Analytics Dashboard is Now Available For All

Apple Music for Artists, an analytics dashboard that allows artists to get insights about how their music is performing on Apple Music and has so far only been available to select musicians, has now been made available to all. According to The Verge, the platform has been tweaked and refined based on feedback from artists.

Apple music

The platform provides stats like overall plays, song purchases on iTunes, and radio spins on Apple Music. Badges are awarded for hitting milestones and personal bests, and artists can upload their own profile image.

The dashboard also gives insights down to the city level in over 100 countries and all of this data and activity about streams and sales can be viewed either in lists or on a visual heat map. Artists can also view basic demographics about their listeners like age, gender, and cities where songs are being played:

Another new thing that’s of particular interest is the integration of Shazam. Artists can now see their Shazam data, including the top shazamed cities and countries. This can be really useful to figure out which tracks are worth pushing. A track might not have a ton of plays, but it could have a spike in shazams, pointing out that there’s bubbling and active interest.

Apple Music for Artists is now available both on a web dashboard and on a new standalone iOS app for the iPhone. Artists can sign up on Apple’s website here.