Should Apple Increase its Base iPhone Storage to 256GB Like Samsung?

Samsung has recently unveiled its latest Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ smartphones with both having 256GB storage on the base variants. On the other hand, Apple is still shipping its $1,000 USD iPhone XS with 64GB of storage, something that is causing outrage amongst a growing number of American users (via Reddit).

Samsung galaxy note 10 canada

Here’s what fonyboy wrote on Reddit to start the conversation:

So I decided to tune in on Samsungs new Note 10 launch. I won’t lie I was super salty when I saw Samsung base storage is 256GB with the note 10 at $950. Kinda feels bad considering I paid $999 for my XS with 64GB. I am hoping Apple bumps their base storages across all their products.

Edit: Okay RIP my inbox, did not expect this to make it to the front page. But I’m glad the general consensus is 64GB on a $1000 phone and 128GB (non-upgradable) on a $1200 laptop is not enough. Overtime everything is starting to take more storage so it’d be nice for Apple to step it up and give us a little more for our money.

The discussion thread has grown to over 2,600 responses already, with the majority of iPhone and MacBook owners cursing the company for ripping them off with its “ridiculous” storage options on its “Pro level machines.” Here are a few interesting comments:

“The Macbook storage prices are fucking robbery. 128GB storage base storage is ridiculous for a main work machine. That’s like for kids who only run microsoft word and browse facebook.”

“While we’re at it…5400 RPM hard drives on iMacs! Can you imagine the bottleneck??”

“I shamefully bought the 128gb MacBook trying to save money a couple years back, and this year bought a whole new laptop out of frustration with space, and upgraded to 512gb.”

“I don’t NEED a blazing fast NVMe SSD in my MacBook. I do, however, NEED more storage.”

You can also chime in on the topic by letting us know whether Apple should increase its base iPhone storage to 256GB like Samsung in the comments section below.