Trudeau Liberals Promise to Cut Cellphone Bills by 25% If Re-Elected

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The national election campaign continues and on Sunday morning, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said if re-elected, the Liberal Party would lower cellphone bills by 25 per cent—within four years. Yes, that said within four years.

“A re-elected Liberal government will also reduce the cost of wireless services by 25 percent within four years, putting $1,000 back in the pockets of the average Canadian family every year,” explains a Liberal Party of Canada press release.

“I’ve been talking to Canadians across the country and I keep hearing the same thing: even with our strong economy and record unemployment, it’s still tough to make ends meet,” said the Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, Justin Trudeau, in a press release. “Groceries. Cell phone bills. Child care. It all adds up. And that’s what today is all about — being there for families when they need it most.”

Just how exactly would the Prime Minister lower your cellphone bills by 25 per cent? They outlined the following steps:

  • Working with telecom companies to offer plans at globally comparable prices
  • Encouraging Canadian competition in the market, and allowing the CRTC to step if that competition isn’t leading to lower prices
  • Prioritizing consumer choice and affordability, and not simply the highest bidder, when awarding new wireless expansions.

The Liberal government says if re-elected, families will gain “an extra $1,500 every year, by cutting taxes for the middle class and lowering cell phone bills by 25 per cent.”

“Cell phone bills in particular put a lot of pressure on a family’s budget, with Canadians paying up to twice as much for wireless services than people in other G7 countries. Enough is enough. It’s time for hard-working Canadians to get a bigger share of the pie,” added the press release.

Other political parties, such as the NDP, are also promising to lower cellphone bills and internet bills, through price caps.

Do you think the Liberal government will be able to actually lower your cellphone bill by 25 per cent? Canada’s telecom giants won’t be laying down this easily, when it comes to the bottom line.