Xplornet Announces Unlimited Data Plans for Satellite Internet

New Brunswick-based Xplornet has announced it now offers unlimited data plans for its satellite internet plans, starting at $99.99 CAD per month.

The company’s satellite internet caters to rural customers and unlimited data plans are available today for new and existing customers where its satellite broadband network is available.

Xplornet says “virtually all of rural Canada has access to affordable, unlimited data at various download speeds,” with these new DataXtend satellite broadband plans.

“Rural Canadians have been clear: they want access to high-speed Internet at affordable prices without overage charges, regardless of where they choose to live, work or play” said Allison Lenehan, President and CEO of Xplornet, in a press release.  “We are delighted to announce, starting today, rural Canadians can choose the Internet plan that fits their lifestyle, with fast speeds, affordable pricing – and now unlimited data.”

Xplornet says these new unlimited data plans for satellite internet are available at all speeds. The company’s website lists Satellite 10, with speeds up to 10 Mbps, for $99.99 per month (it still says 100GB monthly data, but expect this to change to unlimited).