You Can Now Ask Siri to Play Spotify on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV

Spotify has launched support for Apple’s voice assistant Siri in iOS 13, iPadOS and tvOS 13. This means you can now say, “Hey Siri, play ___ on Spotify” and the latter will launch the song, podcast or playlist you’ve requested. Last month, Spotify app beta users already teased the feature’s imminent launch was coming.

Siri will now be able to control Spotify on iPhone, iPad and also a new Apple TV app rolling out today in the tvOS App Store.

Apple’s Siri will also work to control Spotify with Apple CarPlay in your vehicle, while also be able to use AirPlay to beam music to your HomePod speaker.

Spotify says when making Siri requests, make sure to end your phrase with “on Spotify”. We updated our Spotify iOS app today and can confirm it works like a charm. Siri will ask permission to access your Spotify data and once you reply ‘yes’, you’ll be off and running.