Videotron Promo: 2 Months Free on Premium Plans, Starting at $46/8GB BYOD

Premium plans videotron

Quebec wireless carrier Videotron is currently offering a promotion where you can get two months of free service if you sign up for a Premium or Premium+ plan.

Premium Plans for BYOD start at $55/8GB (6GB + 2GB bonus), but after factoring in two months free ($55 x 2), your monthly cost for a year is $45.84 per month ($110/12 = $9.16 off per month).

These plans include unlimited calling and texting in Canada, the Stingray Music app and also Club illico.

Factoring in the two months discount, the $46/8GB BYOD pricing undercuts Big 3 flanker brands in Quebec. Koodo for example, has a $55/9GB BYOD plan. Being a BYOD plan, you can feel free to jump to the next best deal at anytime, since you’d be off contract.

[via RFD]