WhatsApp Finally Fixes Unread Notification Badge on Muted Chats


With its latest app version 2.19.110 for iOS, WhatsApp has finally fixed the unread notification badge for chats that you have muted. As pointed out by The Verge, the welcome change applies to both individual and group chats that have been muted in the app.

“The new update only affects iOS users. On Android, meanwhile, WhatsApp has a separate “Show notifications” toggle which you can either tick or untick when you’re muting a chat.”

Previously, while muting a chat stopped your iPhone from vibrating and playing a notification sound when it received a new message, it did show the red notification badge on the app’s icon on the home screen. But now, this bug has finally been resolved for iOS users.

WhatsApp’s mute feature is extremely helpful at reducing distractions from unwanted messages, especially if you’re a participant in a large group chat.