Apple TV+ Early Analysis Suggests Weaker Demand than Netflix’s Top Content

According to an analysis of Apple TV+’s opening weekend by Parrot Analytics, the initial demand for the premier content offered by Apple’s new video streaming service has been ‘fairly modest,’ with most shows falling short of the demand seen for some streaming titles launched by Netflix and others in 2019 (via iMore).

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‘See’ was the only Apple TV+ show that broke the Top 20 most demanded shows in 2019, while ‘The Morning Show,’ ‘Dickinson,’ and ‘For All Mankind’ all performed poorly.

Although The Morning Show was most highly touted by Apple, it appears that a star-studded lineup featuring Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, and Steve Carell was not enough to overcome initial reviews and reports of very poor dialogue:

“What is perhaps more interesting is how Apple TV+ shows performed against each other. Nearly all of the reviews pre-release put For All Mankind ahead of every other show TV+ has to offer. Despite this See’s demand came in well ahead of the space-race epic. The loser of the bunch definitely seems to be The Morning Show, with demand well behind even Dickinson, starring Hailee Steinfeld.”

Meanwhile, on Rotten Tomatoes, user ratings for all of Apple’s flagship shows are showing a vast improvement on the initial offerings from critics, with even The Morning Show reported to be much improved in episode three.