Tile to Relaunch Smart Alerts in December, Let You Set Any Location for Alerts [u]

Tile 2020

Tile has announced its Smart Alerts feature in beta will relaunch in December, to let users set any location for notifications.

Smart Alerts is a beta feature available for Premium subscribers. It notifies users when their wallet or keys are left behind at home or work addresses, for example. But in December, users will be able to set any address to a Smart Alert.

Tile provides the example, “if a user enters a coffee shop with their Tiled keys, wallet and laptop, but then leave that coffee shop fifteen minutes later with only their keys and wallet, they will receive a notification that their laptop was left behind.”

Smart Alerts will let users create safe zones to let them customize what will trigger an alert. Sometimes you don’t want to get Smart Alerts if you leave your Tiled jacket at home, for example. But if it’s left at work, you want to be notified.

Tile Premium costs $34.99 CAD per year or $3.49 CAD per month.

A current promo is offering a free year of Tile Premium offers sales on the following (Update 11/25: Tile says this free Tile Premium promo is not available in Canada, sadly, but only the USA.):

“Tile is known for helping customers find their lost items. We’re taking a tremendous leap forward and extending that promise to prevent loss from occurring in the first place with Smart Alerts. Imagine the peace of mind knowing that you’ll receive an alert anytime you leave an important item behind, no matter where you are,” said CJ Prober, CEO of Tile, in an issued statement.