Apple Provides Solution To Battery Issue Found In Some 2019 13-Inch MacBook Pro Units

As a number of MacBook Pro users have experienced problems with their laptops randomly shutting off, Apple has released an official troubleshooting guide to help those in need.

This specific problem stems from the new entry-level 13-inch MacBook Pro with two Thunderbolt 3 ports, which was released earlier in July of this year. Some users have experienced similar problems where the model would shut down entirely, even though the computer showed a remaining battery charge.

Source: Apple

As reported by MacRumors, Apple has acknowledged the issue and has outlined a six-step guide to resolve the problem. The guide urges users to connect their MacBook Pro to the power adapter once the computer reaches a battery level of 90% or below. Afterwards, users should then quit all applications and put the computer into sleep mode by closing the lid. Leaving the MacBook Pro in this state for eight hours, the battery should then be at a full charge (and then some) upon return. After eight hours, update the computer to the latest macOS if available.

While the step-by-step process seems fairly straightforward, leaving your MacBook Pro charging in sleep mode may prove to be a nuisance if it is your main productivity device. However, if given the chance to remedy the battery situation, it may be worth doing sooner rather than later.

Apple has stated that if the issue continues, the user should reach out to Apple Support for more information.