Tesla Rolls Out $2,700 CAD ‘Acceleration Boost’ Software Upgrade for Model 3

As reported by Electrek, Tesla has just launched its $2,700 CAD “Acceleration Boost” over-the-air software upgrade, that allows the Model 3 Dual Motor Long Range to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 3.9 seconds.

The latest upgrade represents a 0.5-second improvement in the 0-60 mph acceleration for Model 3 Dual Motor vehicles.


“Improve your 0-60 mph acceleration from 4.4 seconds to 3.9 seconds with an over-the-air update,” notes Tesla on its website. The upgrade is so far only available to Model 3 Dual Motor Long Range owners and requires the latest 2019.40.2 software update.

Customers can also purchase the upgrade for their Model 3 Dual Motor vehicles through Tesla’s mobile app.

Over the last year, Tesla has pushed several OTA software upgrades to improve the performance of the Model 3, its best-selling electric sedan, including range increase, power increase, and charging capacity increase.