Samsung May Drop Galaxy S11 Name in Favour of S20

It’s another rumour for the books as we get closer to the reveal of Samsung’s next flagship smartphone. A new leak points to Samsung skipping over more than a few numbers and land on Galaxy S20 for its next line of smartphone devices in 2020.

As reported by BGR, a leak has surfaced on Twitter indicating the shift in Samsung’s naming convention. The founder of the case-making company Schnailcase tweeted a photo which may lead many to believe Samsung may adopt a naming convention close to Apple’s.

In the tweet, it appears as though Samsung will be releasing three models in the new year. The entry-level model appears to have shifted from Galaxy S11 to Galaxy S20. The larger, mid-tier device will apparently be called the Galaxy S20+, while the high-end phone will be the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

If true, Samsung’s 2020 line of smartphones may possess a similar strategy as Apple. In recent years, Apple has issued a new naming convention. Apple notoriously skipped over the iPhone 9 in order to hit a name more fitting of the 10th-anniversary milestone. Samsung may be adopting this mindset, calling its next flagship phone the S20 just in time for the new decade in 2020.

As BGR mentioned, the S20 name has been floating around for the past week. The additional S20+ and S20 Ultra could give this rumour some additional weight. However, rumours should only be taken with a grain of salt. Until official confirmation from Samsung, we won’t truly know.