Trump Takes Shot at Apple For Refusing to Unlock Suspected Criminals’ iPhones

President Trump has taken to Twitter to criticize Apple’s stance on user privacy yesterday evening. The tweet in question was sent in relation to the ongoing investigation of the Florida Pensacola Navy base shooting, which occurred on December 6th, 2019.

Per CNBC‘s report, Trump’s tweet called on Apple and said: “We are helping Apple all of the time on TRADE and so many other issues, and yet they refuse to unlock phones used by killers, drug dealers and other violent criminal elements. They will have to step up to the plate and help our great Country, NOW! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.”

Apple has long stood by its user privacy policies. This became a point of conversation earlier this month at CES, where Apple’s Senior Director of Global Privacy defended the company’s procedures. Although Apple refuses to unlock devices through any means, the company has handed over iCloud data in relation to on-going investigations.

Earlier this week, Apple made another statement pertaining to requests to create a backdoor in order to unlock the suspect’s iPhone. In the statement, Apple said: “Backdoors can also be exploited by those who threaten our national security and the data security of our customers. Today, law enforcement has access to more data than ever before in history, so Americans do not have to choose between weakening encryption and solving investigations. We feel strongly encryption is vital to protecting our country and our users’ data.”

At the time of writing, Apple issued a comment in regards to Trump’s tweet.

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