Telus Promo: $75/20GB Plan with Unlimited Data (Save $20/month)

Telus $75 20gb promo

Telus has a promo right now on its 20GB Peace of Mind plan, which offers no data overages and unlimited data (throttled to 512 kbps once your allotments are exceeded).

The 20GB Peace of Mind plan normally costs $95 per month on bring your own device (BYOD), but right now it’s $20 off at $75 per month. Telus says this promo plan expires January 21, 2020.

Peace of Mind plans include unlimited Canada-wide calling and texts, along with call display, call waiting, conference calling and Voicemail 25.

The discount looks to undercut Rogers, which has discounted its equivalent Infinite +20 plan to $85/20GB (save $10/month). Bell’s 20GB Unlimited 20 BYOD plan is still priced at $95/20GB as of writing.

Thanks YM!