Bell Promo Offers $75/20GB Unlimited Data Plan to Match Telus

Yesterday, we told you how Telus was offering a $75/20GB BYOD plan with unlimited data, a discount of $20 per month. Fast forward one day later and now Bell is matching Telus, offering its own $75/20GB unlimited data plan on BYOD.

Normally priced at $95/month with 20GB of data, these non-shareable plans will see data speeds throttled to 512 kbps once initial data buckets are exhausted. They include unlimited nationwide calling and international text, along with the usual extras.

Bell’s website hasn’t reflected the price change, but if you call any Bell store, they will let you know the $75/20GB unlimited data plan for BYOD is available.

As of writing, Rogers is offering its 20GB unlimited data plan for $85 per month on BYOD, which is $10 higher than both Telus and Bell. Rogers will most likely match Telus and Bell if the promo plan continues beyond its January 21, 2020 expiry date (Telus).

Let us know if you’ll be switching over to this $75/20GB plan on Telus or Bell.

Thanks JC