You Can Get a Certified Pre-Owned iPhone XS for $312 from Koodo Right Now

Koodo iphone xs deal

If you’re thinking of switching to Telus-owned Koodo Mobile, the following certified pre-owned iPhone XS 64GB deal might be worth considering.

Koodo is offering certified pre-owned iPhone XS 64GB models for $480 on its website on a two-year term. The price you pay upfront depends on the Tab plan you choose.

Tab Large, for example, has the iPhone XS for $0 upfront. You pay a $20/month Tab Large charge for 24 months, plus a monthly plan starting at $55/4GB. It’s worth noting Koodo dropped its monthly plan charges for Tab Large and Tab Extra Large by $20 per month today (instead of starting at $75/month).

But a current Koodo promo for Lunar New Year makes this deal sweeter. Promo code K168CNY will provide $168 in credits ($8/month off for 12 months), which theoretically takes your phone cost down to $312 after 24 months.

Other Tab Large plans available are $65/7GB and $75/10GB, all with unlimited Canada-wide calling and SMS/MMS, plus the usual extras. With Tab Medium, you need to pay $120 upfront. Tab Small requires $240 upfront. Your monthly minimum plan depends on the Tab you choose.

Koodo’s regular retail price for the iPhone XS 64GB is listed at $963, so you’ll be saving $651, or 68% off.