Bell Offers $75/20GB Promo Plan Again, Joining Telus and Rogers

Bell $75 20gb again

First it was Telus, then it was Rogers and now it’s Bell’s turn to again offer its 20GB unlimited data plan for $75 per month, offering a $20 discount from its regular price of $95.

“Get our $95 unlimited data plan for just $75/mo,” says a featured section of Bell’s Mobility web page. However, when you click ‘learn more’, the Unlimited 20 BYOD page hasn’t been updated yet to reflect the $75 per month price.

The Unlimited 20 plan offers unlimited Canada-wide calling and texting and once your 20GB of non-sharable is used up, data is throttled to 512 Kbps.

If you’ve been waiting for Bell to match Telus and Rogers, it’s happened, as expected. Bell doesn’t mention an expiry date, but the promo will most likely go until February 3, 2020, like its rivals.