Rogers, Telus and Bell Offering Promo $75/20GB Unlimited Data Plans

After launching promo $85/20GB unlimited data plans with shareable data, Rogers, Telus and Bell have also debuted their promo $75/20GB plan (non-shareable data), yet again.

If you didn’t notice heading into the weekend, Rogers, Telus and Bell essentially have brought back the $75/20GB unlimited data plan, saving you $20 off the $95 regular price. The plan includes unlimited calling and text and usual extras like voicemail and caller ID.

These plans are being shown on the featured pages of each carrier’s respective mobile plans website. The plans will see throttled data at 512 Kbps once your 20GB of data is used up. There are no data overage charges.

Rogers says, “Get 20GB of max speed data for only $75/mo”.

Rogers $75 20gb

Telus says, “act fast –  get a Peace of Mind plan for just $75. Access endless data today and never worry about data overages again.”

Telus $75 20gb

Bell’s website explains, “get our $95 unlimited data plan for just $75/mo.”

Bell $75 20gb

All three wireless carriers noted the $75/20GB promo expires on February 10, 2020.