Uber’s RideCheck Safety Feature Now Available in Canada

Uber has finally started rolling out the RideCheck safety feature to riders and drivers across Canada. For those who aren’t familiar, RideCheck proactively surfaces tools riders and drivers may need when it detects something that may have gone wrong, like a possible crash or an unexpected long stop.


When a RideCheck is initiated, both a rider and driver receive a notification asking if everything is OK. They can then let Uber know through the app that all is well, or take other actions like using the emergency button or reporting the issue to Uber’s Safety Line.

In the event of a crash, Uber can also help expedite the insurance claims process:

This technology will continue to evolve, and we are working on adding additional scenarios to RideCheck. Helping keep millions of riders and drivers around the world safe is a huge responsibility with unique challenges. While I’m proud of the progress we’ve made, when it comes to safety, we know our work is never done.

RideCheck crash detection is currently not available in Quebec. However, if long stops are detected, drivers and riders in all of Canada will receive an in-app message.

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