Leaked Images Show TCL Concept for Phone With a Slide-Out Screen

Source: CNET

TCL appears to be developing a phone with a slide-out screen. While other major companies are continually figuring out whether or not foldables are a viable option, TCL may have a unique design in place.

TCL was reportedly set to debut a working prototype of a phone with a slide-out screen, transforming the phone into a tablet-like device during the now-cancelled Mobile World Congress, according to CNET. Through their sources, CNET was able to get their hands on some leaked concept images, showing the device in both its standard format and expanded to essentially double the screen size.

Source: CNET

It’s hard to place whether or not the slideable device would prove to be more practical over a foldable device. With having a slide-out screen, TCL will obviously rid themselves of worry over creases and popping screens, a common struggle many foldable phones deal with. However, it remains to be seen how exactly TCL will overcome the natural barriers associated with the design of an extendable device.

By the sounds of it, TCL was set to unveil the concept and discuss the intricacies during the MWC trade show. However, the event was recently cancelled last week due to the growing concern over the spread of coronavirus.

TCL may opt to reveal the prototype at another event during the spring. Last year, TCL brought out their own foldable phone, but as many are keen to remember, it was so fragile TCL’s staff working the trade show were warned when handling the device. The foldable was seen again during CES this year, but TCL stated that they are taking it slow when it comes to putting the device in the hands of consumers.

Although a prototype may be developed, it does not guarantee it will ever have a commercial release.