Apple May Soon Allow Spotify to be Streamed Directly From HomePod

Spotify users rejoice! It seems as though Apple may soon allow HomePod owners to stream third-party music apps such as Spotify from the device through Siri.

Reported by Bloomberg, Apple seems to be easing off the reigns when it comes to letting users default to third-party apps on mobile devices over Apple’s own, such as web browser and mail. This will apparently include Spotify.

As of now, users can only stream Spotify on HomePod through AirPlay. A future software update will allow users to stream their music through the HomePod device directly. The report specifies that the update could come along with a future software update and will likely include the ability to stream music in a much less cumbersome way. Currently, users must specify “with Spotify” when asking Siri to play a song or playlist.

It’s worth noting that in 2019, Spotify filed an anti-trust complaint against Apple over its views on the App Store. Spotify took issue with the lack of Siri support when it came to their app on iOS devices. This complaint was filed through the European Union.

Bloomberg’s report does state that the specifics have not been ironed out completely. The report indicated that a rollout in conjunction with iOS 14 seems most likely, which would have us waiting until later this year for the feature.