Consumer Reports Ranks Tesla Model 3 Among Top 10 Choices for 2020 Car Buyers

Consumer Reports has just released its list of Top 10 Best Cars of the Year for car buyers in 2020, which also includes Tesla’s most affordable Model 3 car alongside options from automakers including Toyota, Subaru, Honda, Kia, and Lexus (via TechCrunch).

Tesla CR 2020s

Alongside the Lexus RX and the Toyota Supra, the nonprofit organization has chosen the Model 3 as one of three vehicles in the $45,000 – $55,000 category, lauding its “thrilling driving experience” and “impressive handling and quick precise steering.”

Consumer Reports, however, also called out a worry about the Model 3 that “Autopilot, an optional system on the vehicle, does not require the driver to stay engaged, creating safety concerns.”

Clearly, that concern wasn’t enough to prevent CR from counting the Model 3 among its top recommendations for vehicles in 2020. Tesla also ended up ranking 11th overall out of 33 automakers in Consumer Reports’ 2020 automotive brand report card, climbing eight positions from last year.

The firm also notes that the Model 3 makes up for its slightly “stiff ride” by its long EV battery range and emission-free eco-friendly qualities.