Leaked Images of LG V60 ThinQ Emerge

Source: Android Headlines

A leaked image of LG’s unannounced V60 ThinQ has emerged. LG was set to attend the Mobile World Congress event next week, presumably to announce the new phone during the event but pulled out due to worries over coronavirus.

Reported by Android Headlines, the V60 ThinQ features a very similar design as LG’s V50 ThinQ of 2019. The display size is roughly the same, perhaps sporting thinner bezels over its predecessor. Interestingly enough, the image does have the date of February 24th, potentially aligning itself for an announcement during the MWC show.

One notable difference the V60 ThinQ has over the V50 is the front-facing camera. The V60 appears to have taken the small teardrop camera LG’s GX8 features and adopted it. This gives the V60 a much cleaner and sleeker display, ridding itself of the top-notch the V50 had.

From the image, you can gather that LG does plan to release a gold model, although it’s likely the V60 may come in other colours. The Google Assistant button and volume controls are still featured on the side. Overall, the V60 appears to be playing it safe when it comes to design aesthetics, but for LG, its what’s on the inside that counts. Iterating on the display quality, processing power, and camera will be the device’s selling points.

According to Android Headlines, the V60 is reportedly going to feature a much beefier battery, with a 5,000mAh capacity. The device will also apparently be 5G enabled and run on Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 865 chipset.

With LG itself pulling out from the now-cancelled MWC, it’s hard to say when the company plans on revealing its newest device.