Samsung Closes South Korea Factory Due to Confirmed Coronavirus Case

Samsung had closed the doors on the Gumi factory following a confirmed case of coronavirus. Although the doors are expected to reopen sometime Monday morning, the floor will not resume production until Tuesday at the earliest.

The confirmation of this came from a report from Reuters who was contacted by a Samsung representative, informing them of the factory’s temporary closure. Through a news release, the representative told Reuters: “The company has placed colleagues who came in contact with the infected employee in self-quarantine and taken steps to have them tested for possible infection.”

The Gumi factory, which is located close to the Southeastern city of Daegu, is in charge of producing a small total of smartphones, while major productions are held in India and Vietnam. Disrupts due to the closer are likely to be minimal.

This news also comes paired with the disclosure that Soth Korea reported a surge of confirmed cases of coronavirus over the weekend. Over this past weekend, the number of infected South Koreans had doubled, bringing the total to 433.

For Samsung, this closure is small in comparison to other major manufacturers affected by the virus. Foxconn, a major assembler for manufacturers temporarily closed its HQ in China due to the virus. The supplier hopes to resume 80 percent of production by March.