New Add-On Lets Users Share Adobe Creative Cloud Files via Gmail

If you’ve ever wanted to share your Adobe Creative Cloud synced files, libraries or your mobile creations via email, you’re in luck as Adobe has just rolled out a new Gmail add-on that lets users G Suite attach their documents and files stored in the Creative Cloud, Engadget is reporting.


After installing the Adobe Creative Cloud for Gmail Add-on, you can attach any file by clicking on the Creative Cloud icon located at the bottom right of Gmail’s compose window. You can also save any attachments received in Gmail directly to Creative Cloud using the new plugin.

The current version supports sharing public links to your Creative Cloud Synced files, Libraries, and Mobile creations. Since private links are not supported in this version, if you’ve already shared some Creative Cloud assets privately, you’ll be prompted to set the privacy settings to “public” for those assets.

Adobe has also put a 100MB limit to files you can save directly to your Creative Cloud account. To get the Gmail Add-on, visit this link.