Lucky Mobile Offers Promo $35/4GB Plan with Unlimited Talk and Text

Lucky mobile flash sale 2

Bell’s prepaid 3G subsidiary, Lucky Mobile, has launched a ‘Flash Sale’ offering a $35 monthly plan with a 3GB data bonus on top.

According to Lucky Mobile, “This sale calls for a celebration! Sign up today and get 3 GB of bonus data with our $35/mo plan.” The company also says if you buy one SIM card ($10), you get one for free.

The $35 per month plan comes with 1GB of data, but the 3GB bonus makes it 4GB total. You will get unlimited nationwide calls and text messages. Those signing up for Automatic Top-Up get a 500MB bonus, but it’s unsure if this is included in the 3GB data bonus or not.

Lucky Mobile runs on Bell’s LTE network, but with speeds throttled to 3G. The plan offers “unlimited additional data at reduced speeds of up to 128 Kbps for email, light browsing and messaging once you have exceeded your allotted 3G data.”

For a comparable plan but with LTE data speeds, you may want to check out Zoomer Wireless and its current $36/4GB promo, which runs on the Rogers wireless network.

The promo offer is online only and ends on March 11, 2020.