Tesla Model Y Dimensions, Weight, Power Trunk Button and More Detailed in Leak

Tesla model y dimensions

With Tesla set to deliver its first Model Y compact SUV deliveries from March 15-30 in the United States, some specifications of the electric vehicle have finally leaked online.

According to Tesmanian, an anonymous reader shared screenshots of what appear to be exact Model Y dimensions, weight and more, which have never been shared by the company before.

Tesla Model 3 vs Model Y Specifications

Facebook user Tom Kassab jotted down the Model Y specs and compared them to the Model 3, which makes it easier to see the major changes between both vehicles. The Model Y uses a majority of its parts from Model 3.

The Model Y will have an overall length of 187 inches (475 cm), which is 2.2-inches longer than the Model 3. As for width, the Model Y is at 83.8-inches (212 cm) including its mirrors, which is 1.6-inches wider than Model 3.

As for height, the Model Y stands at 64 inches (162 cm) versus 56.8-inches (144 cm) for Model 3. As for curb weight for the Long Range Dual Motor Model Y, it’s at a hefty 4,416 lbs versus 4,072 lbs for Model 3.

No interior dimensions of Model Y were shared. Looking at the dimensions, a Model Y appears to resemble that of a Mazda CX-5.

Tesla Model 3 vs Model Y specs

Other leaks of Model Y include a feature called ‘Off-Road Assist’, which says it “Adjusts traction control to optimize performance off-road. Some Autopilot safety features such as Automatic Emergency Braking and Lane Departure Avoidance features are not available when Off-Road Assist is enabled.”

The anonymous leaker also included an image of the Model Y trunk/hatch, showing the location of the power trunk button, off to the right on the bottom of the trunk lid.

For others curious about the size and height of the Model Y, a recent video shared by @jayzilla711 shows the latest Tesla next to a Volvo XC90, and the electric SUV is about the same height.

The first Canadian Model Y deliveries are set for a “mid-2020” delivery date, with most orders currently at the “prepare for delivery” stage.