Apple’s Upcoming Powerbeats 4 Show Up at Walmart for $149 USD

On Friday, iPhone in Canada was told by sources Apple was set to launch Powerbeats 4 soon, and now have further confirmation an announcement is coming, as the new earphones have popped up at a Walmart in the USA.

The Walmart in Rochester, New York, ended up stocking the shelves with Powerbeats 4, showing a price of $149 USD—which doesn’t look to be accurate—as spotted by a 9to5Mac reader @eddiezus.

Three colours are showing behind a glass case in the electronics section, with Powerbeats 4 available in white, black and red. We can confirm this is the same retail packaging we’ve seen and how we were able to previously confirm a 25% increase in battery life for Powerbeats 4 (15 hours) versus Powerbeats 3 (12 hours).

Powerbeats 4

Powerbeats 3 are priced at $199 USD ($249.95 in Canada), so the $149 USD price, if accurate, would signal a huge price drop for a new product. Given Powerbeats 4 are expected to have the latest H1 chip from AirPods 2, we don’t think Apple will be dropping prices anytime soon. Time will tell—all we can say is stay tuned to next week.