Rogers, Telus and Bell Promo: $85/20GB Unlimited Data Plans Back Again

Rogers, Telus and Bell are all offering promotional $85/20GB unlimited data plans, yet again.

These ‘unlimited data’ plans have throttled data to 512 Kbps speeds, once you exhaust your 20GB data bucket. Normally priced at $95 per month, they are being marketed for $10 off at $85 per month, with shareable data.

Telus peace of mind march 31

Rogers $85 20gb march 2020

Bell $85 20gb march 2020

Telus is also offering a $75/20GB non-shareable Peace of Mind plan, for those that do not require data for other devices. According to Telus, their $85/20GB promo plan ends on March 31, 2020, but we think it will keep coming back, while Rogers and Bell will similarly all follow suit.

These $85/20GB plans are eligible for bring your own device (BYOD) or for signing a contract to finance a new device.

One month ago, Rogers, Telus and Bell all offered these same promo $85/20GB plans. The promo looks to switch existing customers to a higher monthly spend, a valued metric that appeals to telecom investors.