Apple Planning 12.9-Inch iPad Pro With Mini-LED for Late 2020: Digitimes

Apple will reportedly launch a 12.9-inch iPad Pro in the fourth quarter of 2020 that will have Mini-LED backlighting.

Apple launched its 2020 iPad Pro lineup earlier this week but according to a new report from Taiwanese supply chain blog Digitimes, it looks like the company is planning to launch another new 12.9-inch iPad Pro variant later this year.

“Apple reportedly prefers mini LED to OLED for its medium-size devices and will launch an iPad Pro with mini LED backlighting in the fourth quarter of 2020,” reads the report.

This reaffirms an earlier rumour from reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who claims Apple is planning to release a half dozen new devices with miniLED displays by year’s end, including a 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

A separate paywalled article from the publication discusses Apple’s desire to adopt mini-LED technology, which allows for thinner and lighter devices, while offering many of the same benefits of OLED displays, like those used in the latest iPhones. The display technology offers high contrast and dynamic range, good wide color gamut performance, and local dimming for truer blacks.

Mini LED screens have much smaller LEDs than those of a standard LCD display, which gives manufacturers much finer control over delivering deep blacks, better brightness and rich contrast. This would essentially allow the iPad Pro to have an OLED-quality display in a small package that’s about the same price as the current models.