Google Podcasts App Reportedly Coming to iOS This Week

The Google Podcasts app is launching on iOS, giving Apple users a new way to listen to their favorite podasts.

According to a new report from Engadget, Google Podcasts will arrive on iOS after several months of being built out in beta for Android as parter of a larger redesign for the service.

The iOS app reportedly works just like its Android counterpart, featuring a Home tab with subscribed podcasts and some users might be interested in, as well as Activity and Explore tabs for functions such as downloads, history, and popular/trending podcasts.

“The revamped layout is divided into Home, Explore and Activity sections. Home (pictured at center) gives you quick access to your subscribed shows,” reads the report. “When you pick an episode, you’ll now see people and subjects referenced in that podcast, and tapping those will take you to a Google search to learn more. The Explore tab (left) helps you find shows both based on categories, popularity and personal recommendations. Activity, meanwhile, displays your listening history, queue and automatic downloads.”

Users will be able to use both the iOS and web versions of Google Podcasts starting today or tomorrow, claims the report. The refreshed Android app, however, is yet to roll out but should drop at some point this week.

Why would iOS users want to use Google Podcasts when there’s an already-built-in Podcasts platform? It might be helpful if you regularly make use of multiple podcast platforms and want to be 100% sure that your episodes are always available.