iRobot Braava Jet m6 Review: One Smart Wet Mop

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iRobot’s Braava jet m6 launched last fall and is a new wet/dry robotic mop, capable of mapping out your home, while tag teaming with a compatible Roombas for automatic paired cleans. We got a chance to test out the Braava jet m6 and it performed fairly well in our home for both wet and dry cleans.

Unboxing the Braava jet m6

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Inside the box you’ll find the Braava jet m6 robot, the charging dock, dock tray, two single-use wet mopping pads, 2 single-use dry sweeping pads and a 4 oz. cleaning solution sample bottle.

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Note that you’ll have to buy original dry and wet sweeping pads from iRobot, adding to the cost of cleans. The bottom of the pads provides a code the robot scans to get instructions on whether it’s wet or dry clean.

Setting Up the Braava Jet m6

The footprint of the Braava jet m6 is not huge and can easily be tucked into a corner or against a wall in your home.

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If you’ve set up a connected Roomba before, it’s the same process with the Braava jet m6. You just download the iRobot HOME app, then follow the simple step by step instructions. The robot vac will connect to your Wi-Fi, then download a software update if available.

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Once your Braava jet m6 is connected and set up with the app, you’ll want to create a Smart Map of your home. Sadly, you’ll have to repeat the process even if you already have a Smart Map setup with a different Roomba, such as the s9+.

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By creating a Smart Map, you’ll be able to select and label rooms in your home for selective cleans. The Dry Sweeping mode, along with its dry pad, will trap dirt, dust and pet hair with electrostatic force, explains iRobot. The Wet Mopping mode is aimed at doing the same, while also spraying a liquid mist from the robot vac’s reservoir.

One gripe is it does take some precision to slide on a pad. We found if you fold a pad back it’s easier to see where to insert it on the robot vac.

It took a couple runs (and pads) to create a fully complete Smart Map of our home. The dry runs were able to clean as expected—just take a look at what this dry pad was able to collect below:

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There’s a button on the front of the m6 to eject the pad—so you don’t need to touch a dirty pad at all.

As for wet cleans, we had an issue with the original jet m6 we received for review. The sprayer wasn’t working properly as it just dribbled water out. A replacement was sent and then the feature worked properly as intended, spraying a stream of water for the robot vac to glide over.

Once you up the top lid, you’ll get access to the reservoir which comes out with an easy handle. There’s an easy fill spout with cap, allowing you to dry your reservoir tank when you’re done with it (unlike older Braava jets):

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If you look carefully, you can see the spray of the m6 in action below. The beam of water is just wide enough for the m6 to pass and for the pad to do its work, along with the vibrating cleaning head:

Braava jet spray

We’ve previously owned both the Braava jet 240 and 380t Robot Mops—this latest jet m6 is way smarter and cleans better than its predecessors (and also more expensive). Here’s a look at the wet pad after a Smart Map training run.

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Here’s a wet pad after the Roomba s9+ did its initial vacuum run first as part of a paired clean—definitely a big difference:

Braava jet m6 review 20

One of our early cleaning runs took 3 hours and 35 minutes to clean. That time included 12 minutes of charging time, which after the m6 resumed and went back to its most recent location to finish the job. Our laminate floors felt pretty clean after and were not soaking wet.

There’s nothing cooler than seeing the Roomba s9+ return back to its Clean Base, empty itself automatically, then see the Braava jet m6 start its wet mop run. Seriously, it’s like living in the future with this automated cleaning setup.

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For fun, we’ve had both robots heading off to do cleans at the same time. The house just resembles some sort of robot vac wars:

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The Braava jet m6 is a very smart robot vac that learns your home and figures out the best way to clean all your rooms (or ones you select from a Smart Map). It can fit into your corners, while it is also able to connect to Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa, so you can use a smart speaker to start the robot. With full controls from the iRobot mobile app, you can start, stop, pause and check on your robot’s cleaning history. Best of all, when setup with a compatible sibling such as the Roomba s9+, a paired clean is just so convenient.

As for downsides to the Braava jet m6, the obvious is the price, which is at $599.99 CAD. That’s pretty expensive for a wet/dry robot vac and doesn’t include the ongoing cost of wet/dry pad refills. But for those seeking an automated clean for a small office or home and can’t be bothered to do it themselves, the Braava jet m6 could be a worthy investment. Also a bit annoying was sliding on wet/dry pads as it can be tricky, due to its snug fit.

You can check out the iRobot Braava jet m6 for $599.99 on

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