Nintendo Switch 10.0.0 Update Lets You Transfer Game Downloads to an SD Card

Nintendo has released its new 10.0.0 firmware update, bringing some widely requested features to the console/handheld hybrid, known as the Switch. One of the core features included is the ability to transfer game downloads from the console to an SD card and vice versa.

The update finally brought the long-requested transfer functionality between internal storage and an SD card. Up until this point, any game you wanted to transfer to free up space between storage pools would have to be uninstalled and downloaded. According to Nintendo’s firmware notes, save data and “some” update data will not transferable to an SD card.

The 10.0.0 firmware update also brings another feature that Switch players have been eager to see, button remapping. After updating the Switch, players can remap the buttons on the Nintendo Joy-Con controllers, Pro Controller, and the Switch Lite’s built-in controller. Players can now tweak and customize the face buttons, triggers, bumpers, and D-pad. As of now, up to five customized configurations can be saved to the system. This feature is extremely helpful to create different control schemes for different games.

Animal Crossing fans will surely be delighted to hear that Nintendo has added six new profile icons from the Animal Crossing series. Celebrating what has been a widely successful launch of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the 10.0.0 update brings familiar faces to the profile icon selection catalogue.

The Switch 10.0.0 software update is available to download now. The system should begin automatically downloading it upon its next boot. Otherwise, a manual update can be made by going into the “System” page in the Settings option.

Nintendo Switch units remain in short supply amid the COVID-19 pandemic, currently sold out on and other retailers.