Koodo Offering $10/4GB or $15/10GB Data Add-Ons for Select Customers

Koodo extra 10gb

Koodo today has sent out some data add-on offers for select customers, offering them extra data priced at $10 for 4GB or $15 for 10GB.

The text message reads, “Hey ___. If your data needs have changed, you can feel more secure with an extra 4GB of data for only $10/month, or 10GB for just $15/month. Replay ADD for the 4GB promo or DATA for the 10GB promo. Offer ends April 29, 2020.”

With many self-isolating at home and using Wi-Fi, cellular data plans have barely been touched. With that in mind, it may be tough to be paying extra when you have no need to use your cellular data plan. But for those in rural areas relying on their cellphones only for data, this discounted data offer might be enticing.

Did you get this text from Koodo today? Are you going to accept the promo data add-on?

[via RFD]