Apple Employees Expect to Return to Work in Company Offices Soon

Apple is planning to see employees return to the company offices in the near future. The company will be bringing employees back in phases, the first of which will run through until July.

According to a report from Bloomberg, Apple is bringing its employees back to its global offices, including the Apple Park office in Cupertino, California. Based on information gained from parties familiar with Apple’s plan, the first phase includes employees who are unable to complete their tasks from home or are “facing challenges working from home”.

The second phase, which is tentatively scheduled for July, will bring even more employees back to the global offices. In the US, Apple has offices and a presence across the country with locations in New York, Texas, Los Angeles, and more. Senior members of Apple staff are beginning to reach out to employees to notify which phase they’ll be in. During the initial phase, certain employees may be asked to continue to work from the offices or to be at the office during certain periods.

Bloomberg has noted that an Apple spokesperson has declined to comment on the matter. Those familiar with the subject have said that the plan could end up shifting due to the evolving nature of bringing employees back to offices.

This news comes off the heels of the announcement from Twitter, which stated that some employees have the option to work from home “forever”. Facebook and Google have also been forward in saying that its employees will likely work remotely through 2020. Additionally, Amazon’s timeline sees remote work being mandated until October at the very least.

Since the early waves of the COVID-19 lockdown, Apple has continued to allow a small segment of employees to work from the offices. These roles have likely been critical to maintaining proper operations throughout the lockdown. Over the spring season, Apple has successfully launched a number of products and readies itself for the launch of its new flagship phone this fall.