Apple’s Siri Mocked for “What Time is it in London?” Answer Resulting in Ontario

Apple siri website

Do you use Apple’s Siri? You either hate or love Siri. There is no in between because the virtual assistant is still not very smart, nearly a decade after its launch.

Nilay Patel, Editor-in-Chief at the The Verge, recently shared on Twitter just how far Apple’s Siri has come in nine years. When Patel, based in New York City, asked Siri on his Apple Watch, “what time is it in London?”, he received an answer for the time in London, Ontario, instead of London, England.

Maybe Siri is providing an answer to Patel based on his proximity to London, Ontario, which is 832 km away, versus London, England, at 5,566 km.

Nevertheless, when you’re asking Siri, “what time is it in London?”, should she answer with London, England, or London, Ontario, depending on where you’re based? Or just default to London, England, since it’s the most prominent London known worldwide?

In our own test on Apple Watch, we got the London, Ontario, answer. So did a bunch of other Americans replying to Patel, who had a few chuckles at the expense of Siri, yet again. Apple needs to overhaul Siri because it’s so bad when compared to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.