Rogers and Apple to Support Winnipeg School Division with iPads and Free Data Plans

Winnipeg school division

Rogers and Apple have announced it will be supporting the Winnipeg School Division in Manitoba with iPads and free data plans to support learning at home.

The news comes on the heels of yesterday’s announcement of Rogers and Apple similarly offering the same support to the Cowichan Valley School District on Vancouver Island in British Columbia.

iPads are being touted as secure and easy to use for students when it comes to remote learning, as schools remain closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“With our partnership with Rogers we were able to bridge the equity and connectivity gap for 600 of our Winnipeg School Division families,” said Tony Marchione, Acting Director of Research/Planning and Technology, Winnipeg School Division, in a statement. “Schools are reporting that families receiving the devices with cellular capability are very appreciative and that students are now able to connect with their teachers online to help support their learning.”

Rogers will offer three months of free data on these cellular iPads, while Apple will provide support for teachers, parents and students through free apps, books and videos for home learning.

The loaner iPads will be returned to schools when classes resume and moved to be used within classrooms. Rogers says the free data plans for iPads should last for the end of the current school year and throughout the summer.

Back in April, Rogers and Apple announced a similar arrangement to support students in Ontario, offering iPad support and also free data plans.