Apple Discounts iPhone Prices in China as Economy Continues to Reopen

Apple has slashed the prices of various iPhone models in China, leading into a major online shopping festival. The company is determined to continue propelling itself forward as the economy has begun to reopen following the COVID-19 quarantine.

In China, Apple has begun to discount the prices of its iPhone through third-party and commerce channels. According to a report from CNBC, both Alibaba’s Tmall and rival site have applied pricing discounts on Apple products.

On Tmall, the 64GB iPhone 11 has been discounted from 5,499 yuan down 13% to 4,779 yuan ($669.59 USD). Additionally, iPhone 11 Pro, which typically starts at 8,699 yuan, is down to 7,579 yuan. iPhone Pro Max is being sold for 8,359 yuan, with a regular price of 9,599 yuan. Finally, this year’s iPhone SE is being sold at 3,099 yuan, down from 3,299 yuan.

Those prices may seem attractive for users looking to upgrade from older devices, However, has the devices listed at an even lower cost. The 64GB iPhone 11, for example, is being sold for 4,599 yuan. The iPhone 11 Pro is discounted to 6,999, while the iPhone 11 Pro Max is sitting at 7,499 yuan. The iPhone SE is being sold at 3,069 yuan.

It’s worth noting that at the time of writing, Apple’s own official Chinese website does not reflect the product discounts. That said, Apple typically has a tight grip on pricing when it comes to third-party resellers. This is likely a bid for an aggressive push as China readies itself for the 6.18 shopping festival in the country.

This will be Apple’s second year participating in the 6.18 shopping festival. CNBC spoke to IDC research manager Will Wong who said: “This year, we see it as good timing during this post-lockdown season because people are very careful (about spending) and discounts will stimulate demand.”

Prices may fluctuate as the month continues. The aforementioned prices do reflect those published on June 1st.