Samsung Opens Preorders For its Curved Odyssey G7 and G9 Gaming Monitors

Samsung has opened up its preorders for both Odyssey G7 and G7 curved QHD gaming monitors.

Announced today, Samsung will begin taking preorders for the new QHD curved Odyssey G7 and G9 monitors, which debuted at CES 2020. The G7, which is available in two sizes, 27 and 32-inches, is priced at $699.99 USD and $799.99 USD. The Odyssey G9, which is sizeably bigger at 49-inches and features a 32:9 aspect ratio is priced at $1,699.99.

All three monitors will feature a 1440p QLED 1000R curved VA panel with a 240Hz refresh rate. The Odyssey monitors will also support FreeSync2 and G-Sync variable refresh rate and a low 1ms response time. However, the resolution of the G7 monitors will differ from the G9. The G7 features 2560 x 1440 while the G9’s resolution is 5120 x 1440. The G9 also has an HDR1000 rating, which is quite an improvement over the HDR600 the G7 utilizes.

In terms of aesthetics, both G7 models will come with a black matte finish on the rear side of the monitor. The G9 has a stylish white glossy finish. Near the bottom of the monitor screen, two angular vents will be highlighted with blue lighting. The rear side of the monitor also incorporates a circular “Infinity Core” light, emitting a blue-toned hue from it. The lighting can be changed on user preference and can be dimmed as well.

While the Odyssey G7 and G9 preorders are available now, Samsung will begin shipping the monitors on July 13th.