Toronto Gets the First Tesla Model Y Delivered in Ontario

Tesla model y toronto ontario

Image via @TeslaOwnersONT

The Tesla Model Y delivery train keeps chugging along, as the first delivery for Ontario took place yesterday, at the Tesla store in North York.

The first recipient of Ontario’s first Model Y was an existing Tesla owner, Sam Zhang, according to the Tesla Owners Club Ontario, which on hand to witness the delivery. As Zhang was led to tall black curtains, which were pulled apart to reveal his white Model Y, to loud applause from Tesla staff in the store.

Executives from the Tesla Owners Club Ontario documented the Model Y delivery, similar to the first Model Y delivery in Canada which took place in Vancouver, shared by the Tesla Owners Club of British Columbia.

The next Model Y deliveries beyond B.C. and Ontario are expected to take place on June 27 in Montreal, Quebec, and Calgary, Alberta, according to existing owners sharing their confirmed dates online via Facebook, reports Tesla North.